Who we are

With our long experience in Procurement and Purchasing, we develop clear and easy-to-implement strategies for your company. Tailor-made consulting. With the bespoke elements you need, you will see results quickly. Discover how simple you can save time and money. Our focus is on KYS, BCM, strategy, contract negotiation, and purchasing of various goods. Also, we train your staff or provide workshops within your company. Our newest addition to our portfolio and competencies is the digitalization of your company. SYBX Group – Redefining Procurement.

Lived Diversity

We create added value for you through many qualified and recognized courses, permanent training courses, and constant practice. Our experience is your security. Practice-oriented and individually adapted to every age and target group. All training units were completed in Germany and Luxembourg.

Our Network

We are a member of JCI Luxembourg, well, at least our CEO. The global network for young business people. 



We are a member of the German initiative “Fair Purchasing” which aims to purchase or procure goods fairly for suppliers and the customer. 



We participate in the Security Made In Luxembourg ecosystem and thrive for more security and protection in the digital world.

Our Sustainability

Check our Sustainability and compliance approach. Data is provided within a checked environment.

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Our Knowledge

Get our latest Whitepaper for free. This time we were focussing on KYS (Know Your Supplier):

Our Advocacy

Everyone is talking about engagement and change. We do it right away. All our websites are climate-friendly and CO2-neutral. We compensate for our travel and planting trees around the world. Our progress can be viewed here. Also, we support the German Research Institute of Cancer. Important work needs to be supported. More details are here.

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