Consulting & Interim Management

Consulting and Interim Management because your Procurement matters to us, and we are curious about how we can adapt our CRiP (Cost Reduction in Procurement) initiative to your needs. We develop easy to implement solutions like KYS (Know Your Supplier), Contract Management, Approval Workflow, and much more. In regards to KYS, we support you with your AML (Anti Money Laundering) and Compliance.

Your supply-chain is very important and should not be interrupted. Do you have an effective BCM (Business Continuity Management) in place? When not, this can be a critical point for your business. Together we will check your current plan or we will support you with a solution.

Also, we have a look at your digitalization strategy and support you for Procurement 4.0.

Your company has not a dedicated Procurement department? Are you purchasing at different suppliers? That is called “Maverick Buying,” and it costs a lot of money. If you don’t have the capacity for this critical topic, we support you with, e.g., Consulting and Interim Management.

Outsource your Purchasing tasks and Procurement topics to us. We support you discreetly in the background. Even for SME companies, the potential for cost and time savings are impressive. Our Consulting is not like known from the “Big 4”. Consulting is much more personal.

Let´s discuss your potentials in Procurement:

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