Consulting & Interim Management

Consulting and Interim Management are integral components of our services as we prioritize your Procurement needs and seek innovative ways to tailor our CRiP (Cost Reduction in Procurement) initiative to your unique requirements. We devise easily deployable solutions, such as KYS (Know Your Supplier), Contract Management, Approval Workflow, and more. In the context of KYS, we provide steadfast support in AML (Anti Money Laundering) and Compliance.

The continuity of your supply chain is crucial and must remain uninterrupted. Have you implemented an effective BCM (Business Continuity Management) system? If not, this oversight may pose a significant risk to your operations. We will collaborate to assess your existing plan or assist in developing a new solution.
Additionally, we evaluate your digitalization strategy and offer guidance in transitioning to Procurement 4.0.

Do you require a dedicated Procurement department? Do you engage with multiple suppliers for your purchasing needs? This practice, known as “Maverick Buying,” harbours considerable savings potential. If your organization lacks the resources to establish this critical department, our consulting and interim management expertise can provide the necessary support.

Entrust your Purchasing and Procurement responsibilities to us, and we will discreetly support you behind the scenes. The potential for cost and time savings is substantial, even for SMEs. In addition, our approach to consulting diverges from the impersonal nature of the “Big 4,” offering a more tailored and personal experience.

Let’s discuss your potential in Procurement: