Government Aid

Is your company based in Luxembourg? Great, then we should discuss how you can profit from governmental aid in Luxembourg. We all know that mostly to file a motion can be complicated. With our support, you will granted governmental aid for SMEs. We will help you to fill in the Excel sheet and work together with us.


You have to match the definition of SMEs, which is defined as a small company with less than 50 employees, and your revenue should not exceed 10m Euro per year. As a middle-sized company, the number of employees needs to be below 250 and your yearly revenue below 50m Euro. Another criterion is that you have a permit from the “Direction générale des classes moyennes” in Luxembourg.

For the full list of requirements, get in touch with us, and together we will have a look at your company, and we will find the best solution for you. And, the first analysis is free of charge for you.


For example, you would like to improve your processes in purchasing or logistics, and you need a partner with a good understanding of your business and your needs. You get in touch with us, and we will have a look at your situation and the best solution, and together we will apply for your governmental aid. This needs to be done in advance. After the governmental aid is granted for your project, you will be reimbursed with 50% of the costs from our services. It was never easier to save money and to have a great solution implemented.

Even your future-proof strategy in regards to the digitalization of your processes or your whole company can be financed with governmental aid. With our support, you will be fit and ready for the upcoming challenges in today’s world. 

The governmental aid with our support can be done in German, English, and French. Our consulting and interim management will be delivered in German or English. Just write to us:

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